Metro PCS Phone Activation Instructions

You are not in the stores best interest, since you did not purchase your phone from the store. Previous customers have told us that the store will make up various reasons why a phone is not working or will not activate then when calling the customer service number below, the phone works perfectly fine. Please also understand your local Sprint store may not be familiar with your phone. Some stores charge will also charge a fee to activate your device if the phone was not purchased from them

Let the customer service representative know you need to activate your new device. They will then prompt you to provide the ESN / MEID code and will walk you through the steps to activate your device. The process should take 15 minutes or less.

We guarantee our phones to be ready for activation with the carrier mentioned in the product description. In the unlikely event you have trouble activating the phone you purchased from us, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will gladly help you. We only receive about 5 out of every 1, 000 phones back to us for activation issues. We check the ESNs upon receiving them, but there are a number of reasons why a phone will not activate upon receiving the phone.