New York Subway to Get T-Mobile AT&T Phone Service

Who has the better apps? Who has the better maps? Who has the better phones? Verizon and AT&T, the two powerhouse cell phone providers, constantly try to find ways to one up each other. A recent development paints the picture that AT&T has taken the next big step.

After a three-year delay, Transit Wireless, LLC announced in July it had secured the financing needed to build a network that would allow for cell phone service in all 277 New York City subway stations. AT&T, along with T-Mobile, have each signed 10-year agreements to gain access to this new network.

The total project is expected to cost 150 to 200 million dollars, and be completed within 6 years. In addition to the cellular service, the network will also provide Wi-Fi. Through signal propagation, both of these services may also be seen in large sections of tunnels. Within 6 months, the first 6 platforms will be completed.

With the subway being a primary means of transportation for many New Yorkers, many experts expect this move to give AT&T greater dominance in the New York Metro area. This leaves the question: What will Verizon do to top this bold move by their biggest competitor? Keep your eyes and ears open, this is going to get exciting! So glad to hear I will be able to use my AT&T Blackberry on the subway.

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